Message by Our Chairperson ALKA JAIN

The consequences of poverty are manifold and it impacts families through generations. An intervention at the right time, like educating one generation or providing livelihood to increase income can help families break the cycle of generational poverty. India is population rich. Our people are our resources and if each one of us commits to Donate and Help regularly, we will be strong enough to solve our problems. We could even be audacious enough to say that we as a community may not need any aid if we make Helping a way of life.

About US

Gyanam Education and Social Welfare Society (NGO), Ajmer founded in 2013 in response to the plight of young street children. There are about 160 street children in the rehabilitation centre. We focus on street children who could not afford school fees, and belongs to underprivileged sections of our society and had problems at their homes. It is an NGO devoted for the upliftment and development of underprivileged women and children living in slum areas of Ajmer district. Our main motto is to empower the women so that they become self-sufficient and live their life independently. We work to provide education and basic amenities to the children living in slum areas. We try to provide as much as possible help to every person in need. We are doing our part and we request you to do yours by joining hands with us in our mission.